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Nothing can cure a stressful day better than time spent with people who love and support you. Whether it be family, friends or supportive acquaintances, just being around the individuals who genuinely care about you can make a huge difference. This doesn’t mean that these individuals have to be physically near you in order to make an emotional impact. In addition to a strong group of friends in NJ, I have family and friends that are in Michigan, Ohio and other states who provide the same level of support as if they were here with me. Keeping the people who love and support you close is a constant reminder that work is not everything in your life. In other words, how bad is a bad work day if your core unit of family and friends are there to pick you up? Stay grateful for this core unit, continue to communicate with the people who make up this core unit, and don’t be afraid to let go of people who do not exhibit the love and support that the rest of core unit provides you.