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I cannot stress how important this affirmation is. No matter how much work you need to do, how many deadlines you need to meet or how many big wins you get in your career, those pale in comparison to the importance of being around the people you love.
We’ve all heard people say that at the end of our lives, the most important thing is going to be the connections we have made with the people we love. It may be cliche, but I believe it is true. When each one of our lives inevitably comes to an end, the obituary will talk about your family and your Facebook page will be flooded by posts of well-wishes from your friends. Your position at work will be replaced but your position in the hearts of your friends and family will never be filled.

There is definitely a balance between time at work and time with friends and family. But don’t continuously put time with family friends off as if that time will always be available.