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There is something about uncertainty that freaks most people out. When I was in high school, the next logical step was college. When I was in college, the next logical step was law school. When I was in law school, the next logical step was graduating, passing the bar exam and finding a job. Now, I have no idea what’s next.

I think we all hit this wall of uncertainty where we have done what society told us to do and still have a nagging feeling that it is not enough, that there must be more, that the goals don’t stop in your 20s and 30s. And this type of thinking is normal but you can drive yourself crazy thinking about all these directions you could go in. You can spend more time beating yourself up for not knowing where to go than actually appreciating how far you have come.

This affirmation makes me stop and appreciate where I am right now. I’m not focusing on the multitude of things that I could or should be doing. I am focusing on the fact that my journey thus far has taken me here and I trust the next steps will be revealed to me in perfect timing.