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Do You Want to Learn How to Make Partner at Your Firm Without Burning Out?

Access 9 Steps to Make Partner Without Burning Out

Are you a woman lawyer who

  • Struggles with stress, anxiety, and self-doubt?

  • Believes that you aren’t a good lawyer because your clients don’t listen to you?

  • Discounts your accomplishments as luck?

  • Struggles with setting reasonable boundaries around your work and personal life?

  • Wishes you could just be more confident?

I can help …

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Hey There!

I am Cheyne Scott

4 years into practicing law, I burned out. 4 years later, I made Partner at my law firm without burning out (again). How was I able to do it even though I had more work, responsibilities and clients? I implemented mindfulness tools that changed the way I responded to perfectionist Partners, abrasive adversaries and challenging clients. Do you want to make Partner without burning out?

I can help. I burned out so you don’t have to.

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Litigation Partner and Certified Life Coach