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I have been having feelings of disillusionment all week.

I am watching as everything gets shut down and yet I am still responsible for getting work done.

Nothing has changed. And my brain is having a bit of a tantrum about that. I am having feelings of resentment for having to continue on like nothing is happening. And that resentment is followed up with shame for even having those thoughts when people are legitimately suffering. 

But that’s the thing: nothing has changed.

Life has always been uncertain.

Suffering has always been a part of life. The world has always faced challenges. And the world has always figured them out. I have always faced challenges. And I have always figured them out. 

I cannot think of any problem I have easily solved through fear, panic or resentment. However, I can tell you about assignments and projects I have completed in spite of those feelings. And those never feel good. 

That’s the not the way I want to operate anymore. I do not want to operate from a place of fear, panic or resentment. I do not want to pretend nothing is happening, but I am not going to use what is happening as an excuse to indulge in negative emotion.

Resisting uncertainty is never the answer. Instead, lean into it.

Acknowledge it.

Accept it.

Recognize that some things are delayed and some things must continue.

Decide that you are going to be ok and that you are going to show up and get things done, just like you always have.