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I often hear people ask whether they should change jobs. They say their current job is not fulfilling.

They ask

“Should I leave my law firm?”

“Should I leave private practice?”

“Should I leave the public sector?”

“Should I go In House?”

“Should I just leave the law altogether?”

I cannot answer those questions.

Why? Because the truth is, your job is not responsible for your feelings.

It is not your job’s responsibility to make you feel fulfilled.

As my coach teaches, if your make your job your emotional vending machine, you will never get what you want out of it.

When you make your career responsible for your fulfillment, it doesn’t matter what choice you make. Because no matter where you go, your beliefs and thoughts will continue to create unfulfilled feelings. Because what you believe and think is always going to create your feelings of fulfillment in your law practice, in your relationships and in all other areas of your life.

It is your responsibility to do that.

If you are not feeling fulfilled at your job, describe what you believe would be fulfilling. What would you believe if you got to do that fulfilling thing at work? Can you choose to practice those beliefs right now?

Describe what in your life can be fulfilling right now. Can you describe one thing, no matter how small it is, at your job that is fulfilling? What are you thinking and believing when you are feeling fulfilled?  Can you choose to think those thoughts right now?

Practice these beliefs and thoughts. Pay attention to your feelings and watch your career and life transform.