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Last week was stressful. Nothing particularly went wrong. It was just a convergence of several deadlines at once in addition to other non-billable work that needed to get done. I felt like I literally dragged myself home last Friday. And then, something wonderful happened: the sun came out on Saturday and it was finally warm enough to take a walk outside. My boyfriend and I walked down to the waterfront and just sat and talked for hours, staring at the New York skyline, watching ships go by and enjoying watching dogs and babies enjoy the day as well. When we returned home, it was as if all troubles no longer mattered. I didn’t have this tightness in my chest signaling anxiety for the work that was waiting for me on Monday. I just knew within myself that everything was going to be ok. And all it took was one warm and sunny day and one walk to clear my mind and remind me that things are really never as bad as I think they are.

Will taking a walk magically solve all of your problems? Probably not. However, the most difficult part of our problems is our perception of how insurmountable they are. Our minds have a funny way of taking an unpleasant situation and making us think that it is the end of the world. Getting out of your head and into nature calms this doomsday thinking down. It allows you to be present. It allows you to to just be in the moment, where nothing is wrong.

So, if you’re having a tough week, try to just go for a walk. You don’t have to hike in the mountains or run a 5k to get the benefits of fresh air. Just walk around the block, or go to a park and just take a moment to be present. It won’t cure all of your problems, but it may allow you to be open to solutions.