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Do you ever have one of those days where everyone that you need to speak to in order to finish several assignments is unavailable? Every email you send goes unanswered and you are convinced that everyone is deliberately not clicking the read receipt confirmation so they can pretend they didn’t see your email. Every person you call has a full voicemail so you can’t even leave a message. I find that every time that happens, it is time to let go and do something else. I start working on a less emergent assignment or I just get up and grab a cup of coffee. And, miraculously, once I take my mind off the urgency and the panic of needing to speak to someone or get an answer to a question, they all seem to call me at once.

This affirmation reminds us all that everything that we need will happen in perfect timing. When we are worried or panicked, we are simply telling the Universe that we don’t believe that we can get what we want. The Universe responds by giving us more of what we don’t want. But, when we take a step back and we recognize that everything we want will come to us at the right time, the Universe gives us more of what we want at the perfect time.