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You want more money. You want to go on vacation. You want to be more successful in your career. You study the LOA, you remain mindful and positive, but you cannot seem to manifest what you want. What is going on? You may be subconsciously sabotaging your desires.

You Do Not Like Who You Want to Become 

You say you want to make more money. But you often make negative comments about people who have a lot of money. You may comment that rich people are greedy, immoral or jerks. Or, maybe you do not verbalize these subconscious beliefs. Maybe you watch news, movies and television programs depicting rich people in a negative way. This may seem innocuous, but it is significant.

Your subconscious is always working to keep you safe based on the preexisting beliefs you have. So, if you have a belief that something will harm you in some way, your subconscious will protect you from it by preventing it from happening. If you have negative beliefs about money, then your subconscious will launch into protection mode and block you from creating and maintaining more money. At the same time, it will create more situations that will confirm your negative underlying beliefs about people who have more money.

So, now that you know that you are sabotaging yourself, what should you do? Well, by realizing you have these limiting beliefs, you are well on your way towards changing them. Next, stop inundating your subconscious with examples of crappy rich people. Stop watching those news stories, movies and tv shows that reinforce that limiting belief. Instead, seek out examples of the type of rich person you want to be. For example, there are many celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes who have a strong charitable presence in society. Seek out articles and blog posts about their work. If you have friends or associates who have money and seem to live the life you would like to live, find ways to interact with those friends more often. You want to introduce positive examples to your subconscious so it will no longer block what you want from you and instead attract them to you.

Have you been self-sabotaging yourself in other areas of your life? Please share in the comments so I can address that in a future blog post!