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Many professionals and business people have been applying the law of attraction to their lives for some time and have seen the positive benefits of it. But they sometimes feel stuck when it comes to seeking specific outcomes. They are often unsure of how to get into alignment with what they want when their goal is something that seems to rely on the actions of others.

Maybe you are a lawyer who wants to exceed your billable hour requirement this year by 300 hours. Maybe you work in real estate and want to sell double the properties you sold last year. Or, maybe you are an entrepreneur who wants to double your income this year, or even this quarter.

There is a block that professionals run into when it comes to those types of goals. In order to bill more hours, you need more assignments. This means you have to rely on partners to give you work and requires clients who need work to be done. In order to sell more properties, there must be both properties for sale and sellers willing to pay the asking price. In order to double your income, you need to create products and/or services and attract more clients to your business. No matter what your career is, the achievement of a lot of your goals are based on the actions of other people.

Simply put, you cannot create in anyone else’s reality. But that does not mean you cannot create in your reality in a way that attracts the clients and circumstances that you want. I have found that the best way to manifest the outcome that I want in my career is through detachment, certainty, specificity and preparation.


It is ok to want something. But when you need something, you automatically focus on the lack of that thing. That negative focus creates more lack and you actually repel what you want from you. But how do you detach if it is something you really want?

One way that I detach from outcomes is by phrasing my desires in “wouldn’t it be nice if” instead of “I want.” When you say “I want,” your subconscious goes to work coming up with ways and reasons that you cannot have it. When you say “wouldn’t it be nice if,” your subconscious cannot object with resistant thoughts. Instead, you are given the opportunity to feel the good feeling that having what you want brings you. And that is ultimately what you want.

Another way to detach from an outcome is by distracting yourself and not thinking about it. Set your desire and forget about it. Distract yourself by continuing to do the work that you do. Do the things that you love to do outside of work. Binge watch a Netflix series. Distract yourself while staying in a positive state of mind and you will successfully remain detached from the outcome while simultaneously becoming a match to it.

Finally, one detachment technique I have used that has been helpful for me is accepting where I am right now. Ask yourself, “if everything stayed the same, would I be happy?” Your initial reaction is likely “NO!” But being happy with where you are right now is not going to keep you stuck. To the contrary, being happy with where you are sends a vibration of “happy right now to the Universe.” And what does that bring you? More things to be happy about. There is a fine line between desire and detachment. Once you find it, you will be shocked at how things will start flowing for you.


You must be certain that you can get what you want. This one can be tricky because there is so much conflicting information out there. You ultimately have to try what works for you. So, how do you remove all doubt?

First, write down the names of other people you know who have had the outcome that you would like to have. You are no different from those individuals. They were in alignment and you are using them as an example to get in alignment as well. This can often calm your inner naysayer. When I graduated from law school with no job, before I even knew about the LOA, I focused on the people who I graduated with who got jobs at law firms. Their accomplishment aided me in the certainty of my own.

Second, mindfully stop yourself when you begin to worry about not reaching your goal. This is tough because we have been conditioned to think the worst about all situations and outcomes. It is our default switch. But, like in a word processor or a video game, we can always change the default settings. So if you are an entrepreneur who wants more business and self-doubt attacks, do not resist the thought. Instead, acknowledge the fear and the self doubt as if it were a child that did not know any better. Then begin thinking about your top 3 clients who you love working with. Remind yourself that you are already a match to great clients and that you will get more just like them.

Finally, tell yourself that you will get “this or something better.” When I applied to 200 judicial clerkships after I graduated from law school, had two interviews and got my first rejection letter (lawyers are not good at math, but that left me with only one opportunity if we’re counting here), I may have been discouraged, but my certainty that I was getting a job never wavered. I knew that there was nothing else that I was supposed to be but a lawyer at that time. So, I knew that it was either going to be that opportunity or something better. I truly believe that this certainty was the reason I got the offer from the judge I clerked for which eventually led to my current law firm job.


Common LOA teaching states that we should all start working towards a goal from a general place. This stirs up less resistance and fear and leads to less subconscious blocks to what we want. I agree with this. However, if you are not specific about your desire, you will get partial matches that are not exactly what you wanted. For example, a couple years ago, I started the billable year out slowly. I was very worried about catching up by the end of the year and meeting my hourly requirement. So, I set an intention that I was going to exceed my billable hour requirement. That goal was met, but in the form of extremely stressful cases, countless late nights and several working weekends. After that experience, it was clear that setting an intention was not enough. I had to be specific about how I wanted to bill those hours. I wanted to work within certain areas in litigation, wanted to work with certain partners and wanted to do so with less late nights and no weekends. After setting a more specific intention, I had even more hours the following year, but with only a handful of late nights and maybe one weekend of work out of the year.

If you are the real estate agent who wants to sell more houses, do you want those houses to be tied up in foreclosure proceedings, subject to liens or fail inspections? Do you want to work with prospective homeowners who, even though they ultimately buy the home, are a pain to work with and stress you out? Or do you want the homes you sell to be legally unencumbered and the people who buy the homes to be aligned and positive like you are? Wouldn’t be nice if every sale you made was smooth and enjoyable? This is just an example, but if you are not specific, you will get what you want (the LOA will always work) but it may come to you in an undesirable way.

Be Prepared

Ask, believe, receive: LOA 101. As you are aware, the “receive” part is challenging because we always consciously believe that we are ready for what we are asking for. Yet, below the surface, we do not have enough room, whether physically or vibrationally, for what we are asking for. For example, If you are a lawyer who wants more billable hours but have non-emergent assignments that you have been putting off for months because you think they’re boring, you may not be ready. If you’re a real estate agent who often negotiates a lower commission in order to make a sale, you may not be ready. If you are an entrepreneur who wants more clients but are holding on to some clients that drain your time and energy out of fear that you cannot afford to lose clients, then you may not be ready.

No matter what you want, you should prepare yourself energetically by making sure you have room for it. Personally, I am always finding ways to attract quality litigation work to myself. When I can tell that my workflow is slowing down or if I am getting less exciting assignments, I immediately start working on any non-emergent assignments that I have been putting off. Those assignments are sitting in my subconscious waiting to be cleared away so that new work can come into my life. Once I complete them, new work comes. And the work is always a little bit more interesting, engaging and exciting than the previous work was.


Alignment is the key to success in your career or business. When you have a new goal, don’t focus on all the things that need to happen, all the people who need to buy from you or what product you need to develop in order for you to get what you want. Success is not a numbers game, it is a spiritual game. Accordingly, you can win that game if you practice detachment, certainty, specificity and preparation when seeking to achieve your career and business goals.