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Do you work too much? Do you constantly tell your friends that you can’t go out after work because you are working late on an assignment? Do you find yourself emotionally invested in the outcomes of your assignments or client interactions? Will a bad day at work derail your entire week?

In order to strike a work, life and spiritual balance, you have to work on the life part. Have hobbies that make you happy and joyful.

For example, I LOVE watching WWE and NXT wrestling. I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a little kid and it is something that makes me happy to watch. I follow all my favorite wrestlers on my personal twitter and instragram accounts and spend my Monday nights live tweeting about Monday Night Raw, Tuesday nights live tweeting about Smackdown and Wednesday nights live tweeting about NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic.

A few months ago, one of my favorite NXT wrestlers tweeted about a local house show that was taking place two days later. I completely geeked out and my boyfriend and I got tickets for it immediately. The next day, my excitement and joy level was indescribable. And the show itself was better than I could have ever imagined.

For those few hours, I wasn’t thinking about the brief I had to write the next day. I wasn’t stressed out¬†about the research that I needed to do or the phone calls that I needed to make at workk. No! For those few hours I was completely focused on the present moment and I was completely focused on something that I loved and enjoyed doing. And after it was over, I realized I needed to deliberately make more time for moments like that in my life.

You may read this and think “wrestling is stupid.” And that is okay. Your goal is find a hobby, an interest, or a passtime that makes you excited, joyful and elated the same way that going to an NXT house show did for me. The good thing about this world is there is something for everyone. When you discover it, try to do that thing as much as you can. This, in my opinion, is one of the easiest ways to prevent you from falling into the burnout cycle that so many dedicated workaholic¬†professionals find themselves in.

So, what is your fun hobby? Feel free to share in the comments!