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When is the last time you stopped and thought about how much value you provide in your career? How do you define value?

Salary Does not Define Value

The value that we provide in our careers is not measured by the amount of compensation earned. Yes, value is often measured by what we do in exchange for money, but it is not the money that defines the value, it is what we do for others that is valuable. For example, teachers bring out the best in their students and provide students with the tools they need to be successful in life; reporters detail information regarding various events to the general public in order to inform, warn or entertain; and attorneys, alleviate the fear and confusion of the legal system that non-lawyers experience, advocate for their clients and provide them with access to justice. These are just a few examples of the value that professionals provide.

Each of the people listed above are compensated at different levels, but provide value that transcends the measure of salary.

The other day, I received a cold call from someone who was having issues with his landlord and didn’t know what to do. I told him what his legal rights were, gave some suggestions as to what he should do going forward and wished him good luck. The fact that I didn’t charge for the conversation does not make what I did any less valuable.

Focus on the value you provide instead of money. When you are clear on what value you provide to your customers, clients or students, you will occasionally attract people who don’t want to pay or who will not appreciate the value that you give. However, you will start to attract more people and the majority of those people will pay for what you offer.

Define your value and let the Universe do the rest.