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So often, we are bogged down with our negative thinking and limiting beliefs. How many times, when something bad has happened, have you said, “This always happens to me,” “This always goes wrong,” or “I knew this wasn’t going to work.” On a subconscious level, all of these negative thoughts and beliefs come from a deeper belief that you are not worthy of getting what you want and that you are not good enough if you do not have what you want.

The Universe is Merely a Mirror to Your Beliefs.

Consequently, it can only reflect your beliefs back to you and it cannot reflect anything that you do not believe is possible.

For example, if you believe that there are no employment opportunities, then the Universe will reflect this back to you by only attracting you to job postings that require experience levels far beyond what you possess, bringing you crappy job opportunities, and leading you to the black hole of reading depressing articles about how you are doomed to unemployment or to jobs that you hate.

Similarly, if you go into work every day with an expectation of being annoyed, undervalued and overworked, that is exactly what you are going to experience.
When you go into this negative cycle of thinking, all the Universe can do is mirror these negative beliefs back to you.

But, if you believe that “the Universe is for me and so is everything else,” that challenges your current negative belief system.
Instead of believing that things always go wrong, people are always against you or that you are not worthy of what you want, you are telling the Universe that you believe that things are working in your favor. And the Universe must mirror this back to you.

Once you begin to believe that the Universe is working with you instead of against you, you will gradually see positive changes in your life. Your negative beliefs will still pop up, but countering your negative beliefs with affirmations is one of the strongest ways to eventually eliminate them.