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Are you waiting for some specific event, award or moment to define your success? This is a byproduct of a belief system that you have to “pay your dues” to be successful. Yes, you have to go to law school to be a lawyer but there is no set amount of work you need to do to consider yourself a successful lawyer.

This type of thinking leads to attracting difficult situations that you believe you need to overcome (dues you need to pay) in order to finally reach this abstract form of success that you have subconsciously constructed. However, once you overcome one challenge, another one quickly replaces it, seemingly preventing you from reaching success.

What if, instead of constantly paying dues and attracting more challenges and stress into your life, you affirmed that you are successful NOW? Not when you conduct your first deposition with a challenging witness, not when you win a motion against your nemesis adversary, not when you win your first intense 5-week trial: NOW.

You have no dues to pay. You show up every day to give 100% to a career that you love. If that is your reality, then you are successful NOW.