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I believe that the key to manifesting success is to avoid speaking with people about it.
Sure, there may be some people who will encourage you in your journey of self improvement and may be inspired to start their own journey because of you. Others, however, won’t understand what you’re doing and may even say negative things to you about how weird or silly it sounds to them.

We all know that co-worker who starts the diet cleanse and tells everyone in the office who will listen about it or that family member who has this new business venture and wants everyone in the family to give support. Although those individuals have great intentions, telling everyone about some new course of action in your life may sometimes be a way to convince yourself that it is right and that other people not taking that same course of action are wrong. Also, telling people while hoping to receive encouragement can backfire if people react negatively to it, causing you to question whether it’s a good idea.

You don’t have to make announcements when you’re doing good things for yourself. Just do them and let others see the results.