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In this week’s episode, I talk about how I use routines to manage my morning anxiety.

We have all experienced it: your alarm goes off in the morning and your body fills with dread, anxiety and worry about everything that happened yesterday and everything that is going to happen today.

This carries on throughout the day and negatively impacts your productivity, focus and mood. You leave work exhausted, spend your time at home trying to recover from the day, and find yourself awake in the middle of the night worrying about what you did not get done and then waking up with no sleep to the same anxiety every morning.

Whenever you are experiencing negative emotions, those emotions are always caused by your beliefs.

That voice in your head that believes that you have too much work to do and you have no time to do it can be silenced by a routine that allows you to dispute those beliefs.

When you have a routine, you can tell that worrying voice in your head that you do not have time for this. And after a while of quieting that voice, you will notice better sleep, more productivity and work and more peaceful mornings.

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