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In this week’s episode, I discuss why identifying your case as your “baby” can trigger your primal fight or flight response any time that “baby” is threatened.

99% of the time, this new case is not a special snowflake, not going to change the world and is not your “baby” to save.

If the case is your baby, every threat to its success is a threat to you.

When you self-identify with your cases, you give your power away.

When you make your happiness and self-worth dependent on the outcome of your cases, you start triggering beliefs that equate the potential loss of your case to danger and death.

This causes irrational responses to predictable setbacks (losing a  motion, a rogue witness at a deposition, discovery of bad facts, etc.), unnecessary stress and anxiety, and in some cases, can lead to behavior that can alienate you from your fellow attorneys.

Here, I talk about how to dispute the beliefs and replace them with effective new beliefs that remind you that the case is not your baby, that it is just another case, and that you can still advocate for your client and work the case to the best of your ability without telling your brain that you are going to die if things go wrong.

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