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It was 2011. I had recently graduated from law school into a rough legal job market, accepted a job as a state court judicial law clerk and moved across the country to a city where I knew virtually no one. I was making a meager salary and paying more money in rent than I had ever paid in my life. I was single and alone in this strange new place. I was miserable and wanted to go home.

After three months of this, I was complaining to the officer assigned to my Judge and he asked me, “Have you read or watched The Secret? That may help.” I was irritated that he thought that some movie or book would solve my problem of infinite loneliness and isolation. But, I had nothing better to do that weekend, so I cued it up on Netflix that night and ordered a copy of the book on Amazon. The message I got was simple yet powerful: the Law of Attraction states that whatever you think, you create. If you want a better situation, then change how you feel about it. It was like a smack in the face that said to me: you chose this profession, you got offered a job across the country, and chose to move because you knew it was the right choice for you. Now suck it up and stop whining. If you want friends, then start speaking to people instead of sitting at home sad and whining to people at work about it.

After that, everything began to gradually change. I began to be more thankful for my situation. I began making friends at work and going out with them on a regular basis. I began joining different meetup groups and going to events with new people. And most importantly, I began to feel better. I no longer felt like I was trapped in my experience. I realized I created it. And thus began my journey as The Spiritual Litigator.