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Yesterday I wrote about my law of attraction philosophy. To quickly recap, I believe that we are constantly attempting to balance our current self with our highest self. The ultimate goal is to make the two come into alignment. When they do, success and abundance flows easily and effortlessly.

As I wrote yesterday, one of the first things that I did to tip the scales towards alignment with my highest self was by becoming clear about what I wanted. I did this by making vision boards. But after you are clear on what you want, what’s next? The next step is to focus on what you already have. The best way to do that is by writing in a gratitude journal.

You may think that by focusing on what you already have you will stay where you are. You may believe that by writing down what you are currently grateful for you are telling the Universe that you don’t want anything else. To the contrary, when you focus on what you already have that makes you happy, excited, or joyful, you tell the Universe that you want more things that make you happy, excited and joyful.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing in your gratitude journal. Just choose a time, once per day, where you can take at least 20 minutes to sit down and write what you are grateful for in your life, what you intend to create in your life and what you have manifested in your life.

I find that whenever I am in a foul mood and can’t shake minor irritations of everyday life, writing down things that I am grateful for change my mood. It is certainly not an instant cure to a foul mood, but it is better than hoping the foul mood will magically go away while focusing on its causes.

It may seem silly at first to write down that you are grateful to have a roof over your head or a car to drive. But, after a few days of consistently writing in your gratitude journal, you will notice a slight shift in your daily attitude. Instead of worrying about things that you don’t have, you are now focusing on what you do have. And by taking your focus off what makes you frustrated and putting it on what makes you happy, you are shifting the scales closer to alignment with your higher self.