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My fellow litigators, as you are aware, you will win some cases and will lose some cases. In reality, you, personally, are not really winning or losing. You are taking the facts you are given in each case and trying to tell the best story that you can. Sometimes those facts are good, sometimes those facts are bad and, often, the facts fall somewhere in the middle.

The wins will always feel better than the losses, but don’t miss out on the lessons that the losses can teach you. Most importantly, do not take the losses personally. We cannot control facts, witnesses, clients, judges or juries. We can only do our best to be prepared, knowledgeable and professional. Everything else is out of our control.

On the other hand, remain humble with each win. Each win is a part of your journey as a lawyer. You never stop learning, growing or striving for more. Celebrate your win. Then, move on to the next case.