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This week’s 5 minute meditation is for lawyers who experience stress.

When you are stressed out, your mind is racing.

It is full of all of the things that you have to get done. It creates this feeling of being paralyzed. It makes you feel like you have so much to do but you have no idea how to start. So, you just stop and do nothing.

The purpose of this meditation is to slow the time down and to see if this can open up the ability to take each task and each responsibility one at a time.

The reduction of stress frees up your mind to discover solutions to problems you could not see before.

It allows you to step back and be in the moment instead of burdening yourself with worry.

It allows you to notice that you have more control over how you react to every day triggers than you realized.

So, go to and allow yourself to be in the moment and to slow down.