The 3 Keys to Confidence for Lawyers

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Wednesday, September 9th, 8:00 AM EST

My fellow lawyers, we practice law because we are problem solvers, love learning, and, at some level, enjoy connecting with other people to collectively challenge ourselves and come up with solutions for our clients. 

You already have everything that you need to have the career that you want. 

You have at least two degrees, you passed at least one bar exam, you are currently employed as a lawyer.

You show up to work every day armed with all of your knowledge, experience, and accomplishments, and you apply them to complex and seemingly impossible fact patterns. 

You are faced with an endless amount of situations that are entirely out of your control. But every single day, you find a way to figure it all out. 

However, despite all of your accomplishments, intellect, and ability, you still doubt yourself. 

Right now your reality looks a bit like this:

  • When you think about the successes that you’ve already achieved, it feels like a fluke

  • You’re constantly doubting your own abilities. Maybe if you work even more hours, you would feel better?

  • You use your lack of confidence as a reason to fan the flames on your imposter syndrome.

  • You ask yourself “do I even have the right to be in this law firm if I’m not any better than I was when I first started?”

  • You tell yourself “I wish I believed in myself more” a lot. You think the answer is getting a different job or maybe changing practice areas, even if you’ve jumped jobs or changed practice areas constantly for the past few years.

  • You have brief and fleeting moments of motivation where you believe you can do all of your assignments and that anything is possible for about three seconds. Then it is back to “I’m never going to figure this out again.”

There is only one reason that you don’t have the career that you want right now: Your skills and intellect as a lawyer are solid, but your mindset is not.

And that is something that you can create. 

There are 3 clear and simple keys:

Mindfulness. Mindset. Action.

Cheyne Scott

Founder, the Spiritual Litigator

My name is Cheyne Scott. I am a litigation Partner for a mid-sized law firm in New Jersey and I have been blogging, podcasting, writing articles and conducting seminars about mindfulness and mindset for over 4 years.

If you want to stop feeling like a fraud, stop outsourcing your self worth to others and if you want to stop waiting for permission to go for your career goals without doubting whether you are “good enough” to achieve them, this masterclass series is for you.

September 9th

The 3 Keys to Confidence for Lawyers

In this masterclass, I will discuss the following:

  • How to assess your confidence level 
  • A formula for using mindfulness to become a confident lawyer
  • 4 crucial steps to creating a confident mindset
  • Practical examples of how to take inspired confident action in your legal practice
September 23rd

3 Obstacles to Becoming a Confident Lawyer: Blocks, Boundaries and Bias 

In this masterclass, I will discuss the following:

  • 3 mistakes to avoid when using mindfulness
  • 4 common negative reactions others may have to you setting boundaries and how to overcome them
  • How impostor syndrome intersects with bias 

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