Billable Year Planner

Helping you plan out your billable year in advance.

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This Product is For You If:

- You are an attorney who is required to bill a set number of hours per year.

- You want to make the billable hour process easier and more predictable.

- You want to reduce the stress, anxiety and uncertainty of billing. 

- You want to spend more time planning to do things outside of work that you love.

What is It? 

- A system of estimating how many hours you can bill each month. 

- A calendar to help you plan out and balance your billable year. 

- A spreadsheet to help you estimate your billable year and keep track of your hours as your year progresses. 

Make Plans for Your Billable Year So you Can Make Plans for Everything Else

The Billable Hour: It's what we signed up for.

Let's face it. When we accepted the offer to work for a law firm that had a billable hour structure, we signed up for the inevitable pressure, stress and forced efficiency that it demands. This product is designed to help alleviate the stress and to allow you to take control of your time. 

Plan Your Family Time

I work and live across the country from my family so the time I spend with them must be planned in advance. In the past, I would spend less time at home, afraid that I would lose a billable day. Now, that I can plan out my year, I can plan my vacations in advance knowing when I can make up those days and hours throughout the year. 

Give Yourself Permission to Go on Vacation

A lot of young lawyers struggle with the idea of going on vacation. For some, the thought of losing a full week or more of billing is terrifying. Planning out your billable year gives you the freedom to plan out your vacations and see how you can reach your billing goals while taking the necessary time off to recharge as well. 

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