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Are you ready to make Partner without burning out? Work with me one-on-one and I will teach you the tools that you need.

Join my 12 week coaching program

Learn how to face prior burnout with a different mindset.


Tolerate losing Motions without feeling like those losses mean something is terribly wrong with you.

Emotional Intelligence

Respond to rude adversaries with calm and clarity, instead of reacting.


Communicate effectively with all of your clients–even the unreasonable ones!


Take on a heavier workload and more responsibility without getting overwhelmed.

Join my 12 week coaching program

Benefits of this Program

By the end of 12 weeks, you will have an increase in confidence, a marked reduction in stress, and you will have the tools to maintain that state.

What will you do?

  • Assess the areas that you want to improve so that you have a foundation for what to specifically work on during the program.

  • Define your “why” so that you can have a compelling reason to show up and create massive change in your life.

  • Define what you want in order to cultivate certainty and clarity so that you move towards what you want effectively.

  • Define the obstacles to what you want so that you can prepare for and overcome them.

  • Create a sustainable confidence mindset that will allow you to take inspired action towards your goals in a way that makes it almost certain that you will achieve them.


Cheyne Scott

Hi, I’m Cheyne, a litigation Partner and a Certified Life Coach and I help women attorneys make Partner without burning out.

Here’s a fun fact about me: I burned out four years into my practice. After that, I went searching for resources for stressed out lawyers. Everywhere I looked, the predominant message was that leaving the practice of law altogether was the only stress-free solution.

I refused to accept that.

I decided that I was going to continue being a lawyer, no matter what. And I knew that I wanted to be a Partner at the law firm that I was working with at the time.

Then, I discovered mindfulness, thought work and self-coaching and finally found my solution. After I learned how to manage my mind, everything changed. And over 4 years after burning out, I made Partner at my law firm.

When you work with me, I will teach you how you can create this for yourself, without burning out like I did.